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Genesis Tabletop Coffee Vending Machines

With a large ingredient and cup capacity the Genesis tabletop has been designed to provide delicious, thirst quenching hot drinks around the clock. The machines offer a full range of instant, freshbrew and bean to cup (B2C) drinks and provide the perfect solution for offices, restaurants, cafeterias and conference facilities.

Genesis machines are also environmentally friendly. The latest energy saving software significantly reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the machine vend ready. A bean-to-cup Genesis in energy save mode now uses 28% less energy per hour than when in idle mode while instant/freshbrew models use 35% less energy per hour!


  • Energy save mode reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the machine vend ready
  • Surevend™ guaranteed product delivery system
  • Intuitive, user-friendly build-a-drink keypad
  • Large 230 cup capacity from automatic cup dispenser capable of vending paper and plastic cups
  • Bespoke graphics available to special order
  • Fully compatible with established MDB and Executive coin and cashless systems
  • Operator friendly! Easy to clean, fill and maintain
  • Common components and simple machine programming


Instant & Double Freshbrew

Height: 756mm
Width: 544mm
Depth: 597mm
Weight: 70Kg

Optional base cabinet

Height: 906mm
Width: 584mm
Depth: 612mm
Weight: 75Kg

The Genesis B2C features the unique CoEx® brewer. This compact yet fully featured unit allows full flavoured bean to cup selections as well as freshbrew coffee to be produced from a single unit. Now you can savour the aroma and taste of coffee brewed from fresh beans or enjoy a long, smooth freshbrew coffee from the same machine….the Genesis B2C.

The Genesis range now includes the B2C with freshbrew tea option, further expanding the versatility of this highly specified machine family.


Produces low pressure freshbrew coffee and high pressure bean to cup selections from single, compact CoEx® unit

  • CoEx® unit also allows bean to cup coffee selections to be brewed under low pressure
  • B2C machine is also available with a freshbrew tea option, extending its market
  • leading position

  • Visible bean container with sealable lid keeps beans fresh for longer
  • Able to vend paper cups for an authentic ‘coffee house’ experience
  • Simple lever operated locking device facilitates removal of CoEx® brewer. Unit can be quickly and easily cleaned in hot water
  • Market leading solution provides a high specification table-top machine


Height: 860mm
Width: 544mm
Depth: 597mm
Weight: 70Kg

Genesis double freshbrew models feature a compact, paperless double brewer capable of delivering both freshbrew tea and coffee selections through the same unit.

Drinks are produced in separate brew chambers. In operation the coffee chamber produces a delicious, freshly filtered coffee beverage. The tea chamber utilises a pour over system to brew fresh, leaf tea. A wiper system removes waste coffee and tea grounds from each chamber ensuring that there is no cross contamination between vends.


Produces both freshbrew coffee and leaf tea selections

  • Efficient wiper system ensures no cross contamination between vends
  • Consistent drink quality from every vend
  • Paperless double freshbrew
  • Brewer unit is easy to clean and maintain
  • Both chambers utilise fine mesh screens which are easily removed for cleaning purposes

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