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I-Key Cashless Payment System

The I-Key system from DarenthMJS is simply the most functional, cost-effective, and flexible solution to all cashless payment requirements. Providing total cost management and accountability in a variety of formats, the system is compatible with a wide range of hot and cold beverage, snack and can vending equipment from the highly respected DarenthMJS brand.


  • The durable and strong I-Key system is a cost-effective way of increasing sales, the I-Key system can be incorporated into a machine or suite of machines far more cost effectively than any comparative system
  • The cashless I-Key system not only improves cashflow by collecting money for products before they are sold but also has the proven benefit of increasing impulse sales
  • With a variety of key types the I-Key can offer a solution for any user requirement
  • Control of costs – the I-Key system even has benefits on free vend sites, users can be granted a programmable number of hospitality or free drinks per day – thereafter they pay

Key Types

  • Cash Value Key
  • Fixed Credit Key
  • Hospitality Key
  • Discount Key
  • Free Vend Key