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Refresh 1400 Hot and Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Presenting the ultimate in convenient and cost effective vending, the all-new Refresh 1400 is designed to satisfy today’s demanding user with a delicious array of hot & cold beverages. Despite its unrivalled capacity, this superbly engineered machine occupies just 0.4 square metres of floor space.


  • Market leading choice of up to 15 primary drink selections (10 In-Cup based drinks, 4 syrup based drinks and a further drinking water selection)
  • Electronically controlled, self opening and closing cup station door ensures both security and safety whilst a drink is being prepared
  • Optional syrup based cold drink system together with high capacity cooler or cooler/carbonator combination to satisfy high throughput requirements
  • Cold Drinks can be served in different cup sizes and styles – ideal for larger portions and/or enhanced presentation
  • High capacity 7.5 litre sugar container fitted as standard


Width: 610mm
Height: 1850mm
Depth: 650mm
Weight: 160kg


  • Ambient or refrigerated cold water
  • Carbonation for deliciously refreshing cold drinks
  • CO2 low pressure detector
  • Illuminated and customised machine identity panel

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